We’re not the first distillers to understand the importance of Maggie Valley’s water.

The first settlers knew these rustic and rugged mountains held a secret. They brought their Scotch-Irish heritage of making craft whiskey and spirits with them. Maggie Valley has been the home to many legendary moonshiners who made GREAT Smoky Mountain whiskeys!

Elevated Mountain Distilling Company is a craft distiller of top-shelf whiskeys and spirits based in Maggie Valley, NC. We are located where America’s favorite drive meets America’s most visited park! The name, Elevated Mountain, reflects the fact that Haywood County has the highest average median elevation (3600 ft.) of any county east of the Rockies. Due to our high elevation, all our natural water originates within Haywood County.

Maggie Valley is the most elevated incorporated valley in the United States at 3020 feet! Half of Maggie Valley’s water is sourced from Campbell Creek which flows from Waterrock Knob on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The other half flows from Fie Creek and Jonathan Creek, which border the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.


Elevated Mountain Distilling Company operates in an 11,000 sq. ft. facility encompassing our distillery, barrel storage, bottling area, product development/quality control lab, and gift shop. We are extremely proud of the facility layout and process design enhancing wastewater management, ventilation management, and other features that set us apart in the craft distilling industry.

One of a Kind Hybrid Still

Our hybrid pot and column still was custom built to meet our specifications. The actual capacity of our pot is 920 gallons (3,483L) though we typically operate at 800 gallons (3,028L). The three columns include a scotch column (aka – the witch’s hat), a whiskey column, and a vodka column that towers over the still at 23 feet tall! Good column management allows us to dial-in the specific spirit profile we are looking for in each of our products.

Gin Basket Just for Gin?

Our gin basket allows us to infuse our vodka base with juniper berries and other herbs to distill gin. Look for us to also hop whiskeys and infuse moonshines to produce truly unique products soon!


Dave and Sue Angel founded our company knowing that their daughters would grow up as fourth generation Smoky Mountain whiskey makers. Their Smoky Mountain heritage and family legacy shines through in every product distilled and produced by Elevated Mountain.

Dave Angel

Dave made whiskey for the first time when he was 14 years old. A family friend that had made more than his share of “back in the woods” moonshine introduced me to craft distilling. He was missing his left arm from the elbow down from a distilling accident which ended his time as a moonshiner. However, Dave had such a strong interest in the history and process that he stepped back into it to help me get started.

Dave always knew it was something he wanted to pursue; however, it wasn’t possible when I was starting my career. “My background includes serving as a global business leader for 20+ years leading business initiatives in over 30 countries on 5 continents with a focus in human resources and business strategy”.

His travels have taken him all around the globe allowing him to experience life in different and exciting ways. In all his adventures, he has learned that no matter where you are, or who you are with – life is fully lived, moments are celebrated, and deals are sealed with spirits! He has a sincere appreciation and interest for how diverse cultures develop locally available resources into spirits that shape their way of life. Dave’s passion is in capturing that element of the Smoky Mountains and elevating it in our Elevated Mountain whiskeys and spirits. His family’s roots run deep in the NC Smoky Mountains and in agriculture. “Getting back to my roots and in an agri-business, has been incredibly satisfying”.


Sue Angel

Sue can trace moonshining back to my grandfather, Dewey Cochran. He was full of life and loved his family. He worked in a furniture mill and refinished furniture as a second job. When he was younger, he and his Uncle Ruth were also known for their corn whiskey which they made in a remote area of Haywood County known as Wolfpen. My grandfather and a friend would bootleg their craft whiskey/moonshine into Tennessee where they had buyers always ready to take it. My dad can remember watching revenuers searching the family farm for the still or signs of making whiskey. When they were finally caught, Dewey received parole and was required to keep a log showing that he went to work every day and to church for every service. Uncle Ruth wasn’t so lucky and had to spend time in a federal penitentiary in Petersburg, VA.

Before Elevated Mountain, Sue worked in child care and co-owned a preschool in Greenville, NC. She then moved north with Dave to follow his career and continued to work in child care. Dave’s career took us to MI where I worked at the University of MI Business School as an event coordinator. They then moved to Ohio and eventually to China following Dave’s career. Shortly after moving back from China they decided to move back to Waynesville, NC to take care of family. This is when Dave started working on the idea of pursuing his passion so we could return to Western NC to be with family.

Times have changed and Sue is thrilled to be carrying on the family tradition. She loves watching people learn about and experience first-hand how we make GREAT Smoky Mountain craft whiskeys and spirits!



Maggie Valley is home to legendary moonshiners who make legendary whiskeys!


We promote responsible and joyful consumption of our spirits. We also encourage everyone to elevate responsibly. Within Elevated Mountain Distilling Company, we intend to create an environment, in which our employees are highly engaged and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the products we produce.

Customer Focus Enabling Joyful Living

Our customers will define us by our ability to anticipate their future needs and leverage our creativity and innovation to exceed expectations. It is our hope that our whiskeys and spirits will be desired in ‘special moments’ and regular consumption.

Engaged People Through Leadership, Partnership, & Teamwork

Engaged employees and partners are our greatest asset to enhance productivity, customer engagement, quality, retention, safety, and build a strong future.

Craftsmanship & Integrity

Elevated Mountain Distilling Company manufactures our spirits in small batches. We intend to distill and produce products of un-compromised quality to our customers.

Continuous Pursuit of Quality

Our signature of quality is our unyielding pursuit for better and more innovative products coupled with our continuous improvement in operations and supply chain management.


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