At Elevated Mountain Distilling Company, we love talking about our whiskeys and moonshines.  As long as there has been a Maggie Valley, locals have made it as a way of life.  However, some locals were known for their brandy too!  With that in mind, we have focused a lot of our time developing premium spirits that round out our offerings.

Hurricane Creek Vodka

Premium Vodka, Original | 80 proof

Made from corn, Hurricane Creek Vodka is cut to 80 proof with water sourced from Jonathan Creek, a North Carolina Mountain Heritage Trout Stream, which flows through the heart of Maggie Valley.  We are proud of our local water and believe you will taste the difference in our products.  One sip of our Original Hurricane Creek Vodka and we think you will understand why we love our water so much!

In the rugged Pigeon River Gorge, just shy of the Tennessee border is Hurricane Mountain. If you know these parts, you know where to find the trailhead to Hurricane Creek, that takes you passed farmers and fields of early settlers, to where its headwaters begin. Where you find the world’s best tasting water is where you will find the world’s best tasting vodka. We think that place is Maggie Valley, North Carolina!

All of our spirits & merchandise is available at the distillery, select ABC stores, and coming soon for online orders.